Early adopters share iPad Pro feedback

People love websites like TripAdvisor, Yelp and Angie’s List for a reason: feedback from real customers is invaluable when making a purchase decision. When it comes to Apple’s iPad Pro, you may’ve had some difficulty tracking down what actual users think about the tablet as it’s still a new technology. Well, today, you’re in luck. […]

Aspects of virtualization: licenses

Software developers make a profit by selling us the best product they can create. When selling pieces of their software in bulk they offer licensing packages to businesses so you don’t have to buy 100 copies of the same CD. Simple enough, right? Well, now that an increasing amount of services and tools are moving […]

Engage your audience with Google Slides

Presentations no longer have to be one-way transactions where presenters spoon feed information to participants. Until now, slideshow software didn’t offer a lot of opportunities for back-and-forth communication with your audience, leaving you to facilitate Q&A by yourself. However, with one simple software feature in the recent Slides update, Google has totally changed the way […]

How business continuity plans can fail

Your service provider, who you have tasked with looking after your company’s IT, has kept your business up and running for the past 10 years. Usually, that kind of longevity in developing continuity plans has resulted to some providers overlooking or underestimating certain issues. Here are some of them. Over-optimistic testing The initial testing attempt […]

OpenNotes portal initiative gaining steam

A recent initiative to give healthcare patients access to the notes their doctor or clinician writes about their visit is continuing its meteoric rise across the country. OpenNotes began a few years ago by researching the benefits of allowing patients to have access to their doctor’s notes. Since that initial study, the number of healthcare […]

Cloud Backup – Is It Secure?

Your business’s data is important, and keeping it both secure and private is pivotal. That’s why the integration of cloud backup technology is a critical step in the right direction.
Cloud storage is a multibillion dollar industry that influences the ease at which businesses can access, manage, and restore their most valuable data.

Information Security & Open Risk Management

Safety with your personal information is always something to worry about when you have anything connected to the Internet. If you own a company, you would like guarantees that all of your electronic business data is protected. This has become a significant factor in the operation risk management of a company.

Breaches Hit Nearly 3 In 4 Organizations

Nearly 3 out of 4 organizations have been plagued by at least one security breach or incident in the past year, with about 60 percent of breaches categorized as serious, according to a new report by CompTIA.

The International Trends in Cybersecurity report also reveals that organizations are changing security practices and policies due to greater reliance on cloud computing and mobile technology solutions.