Guidelines to Get Protection against Cybercrimes this Holiday Season!

The holiday season is here, so excitement is at its peak. But before you forget the important things in your excitement, here’s a gentle reminder that these are not holidays for cyber crooks, hackers and scammers. In fact, while you might be away from home meeting up with your old friends or hitting the malls to buy last-minute gifts, these very hackers could be trying to breach your privacy.

Therefore, it is wise to remember that even during the holiday seasons security should be on your foremost agenda. Listed below are some privacy and security tips that will come in handy during the holidays and even later.

Don’t Let Hackers Track Your Location.

Social apps like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter track your location and allow you share it with others. Turn off location sharing right now because letting others know that you are away from your home can prompt hackers to take advantage of your absence.

Be Careful while Shopping Online.

Online shopping may save you from the rush on Black Friday, but it may make you a victim of cyber crooks. If you get an email with a subject line promising super-sized deals or discounts, don’t bother even opening because quite often, these take you to a phishing website. Stick to shopping on mainstream websites that are secured. Be sure these sites ensure protection for its customers and defend payment details.

Nothing Can be as Risky as a Free Public Wi-Fi.

If you are thinking of logging on to a public Wi-Fi network while at an airport, hotel, internet café or any other public place, think again! These Wi-Fi routers may have security bugs that can be exploited by a hacker or alternatively, a cybercriminal could set up his or her own Wi-Fi network to trap unsuspecting users like you.

Remember, it is not secure even if you use a legitimate public Wi-Fi network because it is easy for other users of that network to eavesdrop on your traffic as it passes through the air. The only secure option is a Virtual Private Network.

Awareness is key! Have questions? Contact us at info@it-on-demand and we’ll be happy to guide you!

Happy Holidays!